Climbing fundamentals


So, you’ve been rock climbing for a while but you noticed that something is holding you back and you can’t progress any further? Don’t worry, we all were there.

What you need is a climbing coach who will guide you through fundamental rock climbing techniques and basics of movement.


Who is it for?

Climbing Fundamentals is one of its kind 4-week course designed specifically for those who are looking to improve their footwork, movement, and learn fundamental skills, which will ultimately make them smarter and more efficient climbers.

To get the most out of this course, you should already have learned how to belay safely, and have previously gained some climbing experience.


This course covers:

#Week 1

– Climbing-specific warm-up

– Centre of gravity

– Balance

– Base of support

#Week 2

– Precise footwork

– Different types of footholds

– Efficient movement

#Week 3

– Different types of handholds

– Straight arms principle

– Movement on a steep ground

#Week 4

– Advanced techniques and movement

– Principles of training for climbing

– Basics of physical training



  1. Location: Various locations (Awesome Walls Dublin/Cork, Gravity Climbing Centre)

  2. Duration: once a week for 4 weeks ( each session lasts 1.5h)

  3. Price: €120 per person (includes climbing gym fees)

  4. Pr-requisite: Suitable for people with some experience of bouldering and lead/top rope climbing

  5. Ratio: 1:4




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