Inside-Out Intro to Rock Climbing

Inside-out Introduction to Rock Climbing for Indoor Climbers


If you have done some indoor climbing it’s about time to take your existing skills and transition them onto a real rock. With our help, you will scale a route that doesn’t have big blue holds and in-situ quickdraws.

The focus of this day-long course is on climbing as many routes as we can and on transitioning your existing skills to the outdoor arena.


Who is it for?

Our Inside-Out Intro to Rock climbing course is designed with indoor wall climbers in mind, specifically those who are willing to broaden their skills and independently explore the beauty of Irish crags and sea cliffs.


This course covers:

1. Fitting a harness and helmet

2. Basic rope handling techniques and climbing knots

3. Selection of  equipment and efficient seconding

4. Abseiling

5. Belaying from below and above

6. Climbing techniques and coaching (e.g. smearing, twisting, rock-overs)

7. Use of climbing guidebooks and traditional grade interpretation

8. Communicating with a climbing partner

9. Efficient problem solving

…and many more



  1. Location: Various location (Dalkey, Glendalough)

  2. Duration: Full day 10am – 4.00pm

  3. Price: Weekend €100 per person  (€200 for the course); Midweek €75 p/p (€150 for the course)

  4. Prerequisite: Some indoor climbing experience (i.e. able to tie, belay and put a harness)

  5. Ratio: 1-2





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