Learn to Climb

Learn to Climb 4 week indoor rock climbing course for beginners



If you have never climbed before or had a taster session years ago, this beginners climbing course is for you.


The goal of this four-week course is to teach you the key skills to safely climb indoors. Upon completion of the course, you will have a good understanding of top rope climbing, bouldering,  and hopefully, you will get to meet new friends, with whom you will continue climbing when the course is over.


Who is it for?

Every aspect of Learn To Climb course is designed with beginners in mind and it will suit anyone looking to take up climbing from scratch and progress their skills in a short space of time. The course aims to teach you fundamentals of climbing so that by completion you will be confident climbing and bouldering indoors.


This course covers:

1. Safety in a climbing wall

2. Introduction to climbing equipment

3. Rope handling techniques and climbing knots

4. Belaying and tying into a rope

5. Bouldering and spotting

6. Movement and climbing techniques

7. Communicating with a climbing partner

8. Climbing grading system



  1. Location: Awesome Walls Dublin or Dublin Climbing Centre

  2. Duration: 7pm – 8.30pm

  3. Price: €120 per person

  4. Prerequisite: No prior climbing experience required; available to over 16s only; all climbing gear is provided except climbing shoes.

  5. Ratio: 1-4

  6. Dates: TBC




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