Learn to Rock


Learn to Rock Climbing Dojo rock climbing for beginners in Dublin




The main focus of this day-long course is to provide you with essential knowledge and skills you need to become a safe and competent rock climber. Upon completion of the course, you will have a good understanding of climbing equipment, rope work, and safety rules which are essential when climbing both, indoors and outdoors.


Who is it for?

Learn to Rock course is suitable for both, complete beginners and those who have some climbing experience, be it indoor climbers or bouldering enthusiasts.


This course covers:

1. Fitting a harness and helmet

2. Basic rope handling techniques and climbing knots

3. Climbing equipment and efficient seconding

4. Abseiling

5. Setting up a simple rope system to belay a climber from both above and below

6. Basic movement and climbing techniques (e.g. smearing, twisting, rock-overs)

7. Use of climbing guidebooks and traditional grades interpretation

8. Basic and practical problem solving

…and many more



  1. Location: Various location (Dalkey, Glendalough)

  2. Duration:  10am – 4.00pm

  3. Price: €75 per person

  4. Prerequisite: A desire to learn and a willingness to try

  5. Ratio: 1-4





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