Rock Climbing in Dalkey Quarry – Evening Sessions

Rock climbing in Dalkey Quarry - Outdoor Rock Climbing Courses in Dublin


An evening rock climbing session in Dalkey Quarry is an experience in itself. Jaw-dropping views of Dublin Bay, refreshing breeze from the sea, a jingle-jangle sound of climbing gear, and warm granite under your palms – all this makes your climbing an unforgettable experience that will last forever.


Who is it for?

Evening rock climbing sessions in Dalkey Quarry have quite an informal character and are always client-lead. So, whether you want to chill-out after your 9-5 routine or looking to be coached on one of Dalkey’s classics, these sessions are perfect for any up-and-coming and intermediate trad climber alike.  


Course Content:

Given the time limit, the main focus of the rock climbing evenings in Dalkey is on climbing as many routes as possible. Therefore these sessions don’t cover any technical aspects of climbing other than movement, route reading, and the efficiency of climbing.


Dalkey Quarry
Dates: Thur, Fri, some weekends (inquire for any other dates that suit you)

  1. Duration: 6pm – 9pm (circa 3h)

  2. Price: €60 p/p

  3. Prerequisite: Some indoor climbing experience would be advisable (i.e. able to tie, belay and put a harness)

  4. Ratio: 1-2




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