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Want to try climbing but don’t know where to start? Rock Climbing Taster is exactly what you are looking for. This half-day session is intended to give you an awesome experience, with sufficient insight to help you gauge whether climbing is your cup of tea.  The aim of this ‘have-a-go’ session is to teach you the basics of rock climbing outdoors, meet adventure-hungry people, and have lots of fun.


Who is it for?

Rock Taster is an ideal day out for all outdoor enthusiasts, families, friends, and tourist visiting Dublin and Wicklow. Also, it’s a perfect team building activity for businesses and corporate sector looking for a break from their day-to-day routines.

Rock Taster is arranged for you and your group, so please get in touch if you want to know more and to arrange a day out.


This course covers:

1. Putting on a harness and helmet

2. Movement and climbing techniques

3. Basic climbing calls

4. Abseiling



  1. Location: Dalkey Quarry or Wicklow location

  2. Duration: 4h

  3. Price: €150 for a group of 4

  4. Ration: 1-4

  5. Additional info: All gear (except climbing shoes) is provided






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