Want to be as strong as Daniel Woods? Then try his 4×4 workout. If it works for him, it will work for you too.

This workout is a modification of standard 4×4 and is built around 50 min block.

Pick 24 boulder problems 2 or 3 grades below your hardest one. After the 5-10 minute warm up, set a countdown timer for 50 minutes, and then climb the four problems, in succession, without rest; this is 1 set. After you finish the four problems, take a 1-minute rest. Repeat 3 more times, taking 1-minute rests between sets.

After your 4th set, you’ve completed a “group” – or 16x boulder problems. Rest 5 minutes, then try to get in 3 more groups.

Each group of 4X4’s is 16x boulder problems. So if you complete 4x groups you’ll do 54x problems in total. You can change boulder problems between groups. As you work into the session, your forearms are going to get pumped. This is very intense. Don’t be afraid to chose easier problems as you proceed through the session.

Stop at 50 minutes and record how many groups you get through. At the end of the training plan, strive to get 3.5 to 4 groups in the time limit.